Wedding Vendor Tipping Guide

Download the free printable to guide you through deciding which vendors to tip at your wedding and how much is "normal"

Tips are appreciated, never required. 

Remember always that vendors appreciate your tips and of course, as anyone who works - we look forward to receiving them as a token of your appreciation. But, they are never required. Give tips based on how vendors communicated with you, helped you, supported you and worked to bring your vision to life. All vendors will appreciate having a kind review and/or photos from your wedding day too!  If you're happy just let us know! That's enough for most of us! 


Friends/Family v. Professional Vendor

If you have a friend or family member acting as a traditional wedding pro on your day., The decision on whether you should tip them and how much can be a touchy one. (This is why I recommend staying away from FF vendors) However, I recommend treating them as you would any other vendor when it comes to tips. Don't let a personal relationship affect your appreciation for their work. 



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