How to play The Wedding Shoe Game?

So, you're wanting to plan the perfect fun wedding reception in Michigan right? You've probably racked your brain at trying to figure out something that's fun for you AND your guests (that don't include flinging undergarments or doing the chicken dance under the spotlight.) Well, this game is perfect for you! It'll be sure to have your guests giggling and it'll help ease some tension before that dance floor opens up!


What is the 'shoe game?' The Wedding Shoe Game is traditionally a popular reception activity that tests the couple’s knowledge of each other. From who is the funniest to who is the best cook, the newlyweds will have to answer a variety of questions without seeing one another’s answers.

How + When to Play The Shoe Game?

Playing the game is definitely the easiest part!

  • Step 1: When it's time recruit the help of the wedding party, DJ (or your coordinator) to clear the dance floor and place two chairs back to back in the center.

  • Step 2: The host (usually the Emcee) will announce that we are starting the game. Provide the guests with any directions and will announce the questions when the game starts.

  • Step 3: You and your partner should take a seat in one of the chairs and remove your shoes - trading one with each other. So, you should be sitting back to back with one of your shoes and one of your partners. You sit back to back to make sure you don't see each other's answers or try to answer the same way as your partner. "CHEATER CHEATER!!"

  • Step 4: The questions will get asked one by one. Every time a questions gets posed; you and your partner will each raise a shoe in the air giving your answer. When a question is asked, you should raise the shoe of the person the question describes.

Are There Alternatives?

If you're prefer not to remove your shoes during the reception, you have lots of other options (and can just rename the activity The Newlywed Game, instead of the Shoe Game). We've seen couples hold up paddles featuring each partner's face, signs saying "bride" or "groom" or each partner's initials or names, dolls representing each partner, and more.

How Can Guests Participate?

Plan ahead and include a spot on your RSVP cards for the guests to ask a question with their reply. As you collect RSVPs, save the best questions and use those for your trivia master to go by. You can also have a set up next to your guest book where people can write down a question and drop their slip of paper into a jar. The trivia master will then pull a question at random—and the fun can really begin!

Another great option that our couple Jackie + Judy did during their reception was include photos of themselves glued to popsicle sticks and placed at each guest table for the guests to participate in the voting! They just raise the picture of the person they think best represents the answer.

How Does it Get Introduced to Guests?

This was kind of already answered. You can pre-introduce it to your guests by including them in the question selection process via your RSVP cards or wedding website! When it's time to start the game the host will usually say something along the line of, "Folks, we're going to play a little game with our newlyweds today—it's called the Shoe Game [or Newlywed Game]. Give a big round of applause to [couple's names]! We've set up two chairs on the dance floor, and [couple's names] are going to give each other one of their shoes. We're going ask them a couple of questions to find out how well they really know each other. If the correct answer is [partner's name], they'll hold up [partner's] shoe, and vice versa. Here we go!"

How Long Should it Last?

Don’t cut the game too short, but don’t let it go too long either. Take no more than 10 minutes (about 15-20 questions), which will keep your guests engaged, but not bored.

Alright! That's all I got for you on this one. If you need more help planning your Michigan reception, schedule a discovery call! Muse is always here and happy to help! I didn't include any shoe game questions because there are HUNDREDS of those examples out there. However, if you do still want my suggestion list - send me a message! I would be happy to share it!

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