5 Steps to make cutting your guest list easier

With social-distancing measures, capacity limits in place while planning your wedding. You may have found yourself in the tough spot of needing to cut down your guest list.

Are you worried about minimizing your guest list without having any tension or hurt feelings? You're not alone! There are many couples out there trying to figure out who they can take off their list with the least amount of ruin. You may be asking yourself; so how do I cut down my guest list?

You may have already created your list and budgeted for it but, now you're being told you can only have 100 people! Or, maybe you've opted to have a micro wedding so, that 250 people guest list you have, is only 20% eligible!

Modifying your guest list to work for both sides of the family, ensure most don't feel left out, and ultimately deciding whose "most important" is a difficult task to face for most couples. It's a tiresome chore but, must be done.

I will give you my 5 steps to help you work together to determine that final guest count with ease.

1. Evaluate the original

Take the list you have now and follow these tips to evaluate it and rewrite it. Don't worry about the guest count yet. Just focus on these points and remove those that you feel it applies to.

Friends: Ask yourselves, "Have we hung out in the last year? Are we sure we will be close in the next few years? Will we hang out with them within the next year? Will they show up?" (are they within the state, usually pretty available, etc.)

Determine how likely each person you put on this list is to show up. Keeping in mind, about 15-20% of most wedding guests aren't able to make it, whether they RSVP or not.

Relatives: My advice for your family is to keep it immediate when cutting your list down. When it comes to extended family, create a line, and do not cross it. If you inv