10 Dessert Table Ideas for your wedding!

Updated: Oct 15

Wedding cake, cookies, cupcakes and more! The options are endless. What will you choose when building your wedding dessert buffet? Let's talk about it. Aye?

There are all kinds of things that make for a great wedding. Things like décor, flowers, table linen colors, and music! But, most importantly - its what you feed your guests! Having a dessert table at your wedding reception provides; a) a beautiful wedding cake arrangement and b) extra space to include other desserts options.  The best thing is that whatever you choose to present is purely up to you, and I guarantee your guests will enjoy it!

Dessert displays are a great alternative to a traditional wedding cake stand. Many couples are choosing to ixnay on the wedding cake entirely! Or, just get a small single tier to cut just for themselves and have other options for their guests! Before we jump into these 10 ideas; let me give you three tips on how to communicate your wishes to your baker and/or planner!

  1. There is no yes or no, up or down, right or wrong when it comes to what desserts you choose! Talk with your partner about what your favorite sweets are and think up cool variations on them!

  2. Take the season and location into consideration... will you need refrigeration are there some ingredients that are harder to find or flavors that are really popular?

  3. How do you see your desserts being displayed? Talk with your planner and/or baker about different options with towers, boxes or even something custom!


Alright! I'll get to the point - you came here for ideas right?!