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We have a problem! Engaged couples are finding themselves to be more stressed, busier, and less patient while planning their weddings. With all that comes with planning, people lose interest quickly and the usual statement you hear, I’m sure we’ve all heard it – maybe even said it ourselves is how happy brides are for it to be over!! WHAT?! I mean... don't get me wrong.. planning such a large event takes a toll on any person. But, if you really feel so overwhelmed, stressed and tired that you're just counting the days until it's over? Something is wrong... 


Hey! I'm Tascha, Owner and lead planner of Muse Weddings. Launching Muse came all from my true desire to relieve the stress and drama that comes with wedding planning. My approach to planning weddings helps couples realize that life doesn’t have to stop just because you’re getting married! Planning with Muse Weddings makes it simple and gives you the freedom to still live their daily lives, without all the drama.


My brides want to host a beautiful wedding but know that a lot of work goes into creating those dream lux weddings. So, they feel like it’s out of reach for them. They’re settling. Settling for their versions of less than weddings and less than attitudes but, mostly settling for not fully experiencing anywhere from 6-24 months of their daily lives!


It's so common... hearing couples stress about the process, giving up to elope or have a courthouse wedding and not seeing their full wedding vision come to life. Each time I plan a wedding, I’m reminded of my experience and how I got so tired of the planning process that I decided to skip it all and have a courthouse wedding and I seriously regret it. Not getting married of course, but – giving up! I really wanted my dream wedding and I still do to this day! Don't be like me and wish that you had done more or less, give the stress and worry to a professional. In the 5 years since; I’ve worked with many couples on their weddings. I enrolled in courses across the country to gain an understanding of what the industry needed. I am now certified in wedding and event planning, design and styling. 

I am always really excited to learn the details for your vision and bring that all to life for you. You may hear me remind you often that, "HEY! That's what you hired me for!" Don't spend your engagement consumed with wedding planning... connect with your partner, spend time with the people on the guest list... Let me handle the rest. 

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Here's a few fun facts about me! I am a Pisces, I've been happily married for 5 years and a fur mama to two beautiful kitties. I am in my twenties and trying my best to live my best life. I identify as an organized, outgoing creative who lives for intimate moments.


I'm a giver, which means - you'll seldom hear "no" from me (unless there's a good reason) We are LGBTQ+ Friendly! I want everyone reading this page to know that you are a living breathing human being filled with valid emotions, wants and needs. We're all people


Coffee or even a sweet tea is a vibe... with that said, Starbucks has a special place in my heart. My favorite colors are purple, yellow + green. I prefer Qdoba to Chipotle... they're just better *shrugs* I love trying new places to eat too! I've even often thought of starting a GR food blog... I mostly eat like a pescetarian. But, I have this friggin' sweet tooth I got from my dad! So, I have no interest going completely one way or the other. 


My enneagram type is 2 'The Helper' and 7 'The Enthusiast'

My life motto: "Live your best life, whatever that means for you!"


I'd love to learn more about you too! Check out our contact page and send me a message!

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Signature of Tascha Amond, owner of Muse Weddings. A local Michigan wedding planner and wedding coordinator. This page is all about her. We are LGBTQ friendly
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