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Full Service
Wedding Planning

We combine expert planning, creative input and your ideas to bring your Michigan wedding to life. Full service wedding planning is a hands off approach to planning. (at least for you!) If you lead a busy life, or just don't want to handle the details of planning your wedding, don't worry and don't settle - we got you!


We handle all the details from working on design, securing a venue, all vendors & rentals and also handle complete execution of the event. Acting as liaison between all vendors and the couple. Couple has the ultimate final decision, Muse handles the leg work.

A brief summary of what to expect with this package...

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The Investment

Full service wedding planning is 12% of your overall wedding budget. This package is reserved for clients with a budget of $40,000 or more! This does not include any potential travel fee. 

We only have a few days available for this package in 2023. If you're looking for a must-have full service wedding planning package for your Michigan wedding, look no further! Contact us today! 

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A quick word

Listen... planning a wedding in Michigan can be hard. It takes time, patience and energy. Sometimes, we just don't have that. We have full time jobs, kids, physical and sometimes mental constraints, family and friends, prior commitments... we have a life we're already living. The last thing you need is a full on wedding on your plate. If you're ready to reduce your stress and be confident that your wedding vision is coming to life...

Schedule a free discovery call today!


Muse Weddings focuses on you not having to worry about it anymore. Whatever "it" may be. We love all the special touches that tell the story of your love. We get excited about family heirlooms, unusual textures, meaningful backdrops and tiny little secrets. It's the little things that will bring your vision to life in a way you never expected. The smile you get seeing the space filled for the first time. The smell of your favorite meal. The view of the dance floor jumping! That's what this is for.


So, how do I book my date?

Schedule a discovery call with me! I'll send a questionnaire to ask some beginner questions to prep for the call.

After our chat, I will send a proposal that will put a soft hold on your date for a week. The only way to officially book your date with me is to sign a proposal + put a deposit down!