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Full Service
Wedding Planning

We combine expert planning, creative ideas and your vision to bring your Michigan wedding to life. We don't believe weddings are about choosing special decor or overspending to impress guests. Your wedding is about bringing together a group of your favorite people to celebrate your love. It's about creating a meaningful memory, that doesn't include you or your guests worrying over details. No more counting the days until it's over... trust the process so you can completely experience the day!

A brief summary of what to expect with this package...

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The Investment

Most couples spend $2,500 as a starting price for full service stress-relief I mean... planning!


Your package cost is based on your personal wedding needs. Things like; location, guest count and many other details get included.


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Luxury couple wedding planning in michigan

A quick word

Listen... planning a wedding in Michigan can be hard. It takes time, patience and energy. Sometimes, we just don't have that. We have full time jobs, kids, physical and sometimes mental constraints, family and friends, prior commitments... we have a life we're already living. The last thing you need is a full on wedding on your plate. If you're ready to reduce your stress and be confident that your wedding vision is coming to life...

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Muse Weddings focuses on you not having to worry about it anymore. Whatever "it" may be. We love all the special touches that tell the story of your love. We get excited about family heirlooms, unusual textures, meaningful backdrops and tiny little secrets. It's the little things that will bring your vision to life in a way you never expected. The smile you get seeing the space filled for the first time. The smell of your favorite meal. The view of the dance floor jumping! That's what this is for.


With this package you can expect...

A Certified Wedding Pro

An expert planner that listens to and understands your specific needs and helps you enjoy the planning process. I am certified through the NYIAD in wedding + event planning. 

Confidence in the process

A detailed, custom planning process that covers every decision so you know what to expect. You can focus on what matters to you while I manage the rest.

A One of a Kind Wedding

A comprehensive custom wedding design that helps you envision the day and ensures your vendors create that luxury experience you want for your guests

Real Full Coverage

Complete wedding weekend management, that's the day before, the day-of + the morning after if you need it! From set up to execution to tear down, you can count on Muse Weddings so you can be present and never miss a moment


So, how do I book my date?

Schedule a discovery call with me! After our chat, I will send a proposal that will put a soft hold on your date for a week. The only way to officially book your date with me is to sign a proposal + put a deposit down!